R.E.M.R.I.P.– A Chartblast Infographic

  • 9/21/2011 09:24:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

So, Bingo Handjob have called it a day. Time for a quick CHARTBLAST looking at how Georgia’s finest performed in the hit parade over the years, on both sides of the pond.


Interesting to note that in the UK, R.E.M. clocked up 19 top twenty singles, but only 5 in the USA. Indeed, the last time Stipe and Co even made the top forty in America was a whopping 17 years ago – since then they’ve had seven top ten hits in the UK. From this we can conclude that Britain is best at liking R.E.M.

“O! You soulless mechanic monsters and your relentless quest to turn art into numbers”, we hear you murmur, possibly while raising the back of a hand to your furrowed brow. We understand your concern, and so instead we present what we’re saying is R.E.M.’s finest five minutes. From the annoyingly limited CD single of Near Wild Heaven, it’s an absolutely breathtaking acoustic version of ‘Low’, and for our money, Stipey’s brooding vocal delivery has never sounded finer.

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