Tucker’s Luck (y To Even Be Asked For His Opinion On The Matter, If You Ask Us)

  • 3/16/2009 11:51:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

For days after the Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer discomfort-fest, as one might expect, the US news networks were falling over themselves to get people chattering inanely about it. One of the people all too willing to chip in on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ show was former CNN pundit Tucker Carlson. Now, Carlson has a bit of previous with Jon Stewart, with the following exchange having taken place on an episode of Carlson’s CNN show ‘Crossfire’ in 2004. Tucker Carlson is the 35 year old man wearing a bow tie, and for the eight people on the internet who haven’t seen this clip before, it’s pretty much like the ‘away fixture’ of Stewart/Cramer:


An invited CNN crowd applauding someone criticising the network for failing to pay due attention to actual journalism, there. You may have noted judicious use of the term “partisan hackery” by Jon Stewart, too.

Carlson failed to come up with a decent comeback at the time, but he is a wily man. He went away. He licked his wounds. He schemed. He plotted. He waited for the right moment. Then, just five years later, he pounced!



“He criticized Obama's budget, and that's what started this, because in the end, Jon Stewart is a partisan hack.”

Yeah! I know you are but what am I? It’s the American remake of Piers Morgan running endless pleas in the Daily Mirror for dirt on Ian Hislop, only to come up short and end up panting pathetically like a man trying to punch down an elephant. Ah, there’s nothing quite like letting a grudge simmer for half a decade, then lacking the perspicacity to get that point across when the opportunity finally arises. Trust us, we find that out the hard way at least three times per day, such is the length of our enemies list.

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