Yes, We (s)Can.

  • 7/07/2009 07:00:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

More jpegged gems from the archive, this time from the first issue of short-lived Comedy Review magazine. All from March 1996.

[Update: Picture hosting now moved to, hopefully removing the chance of images sometimes redirecting to porn sites instead. Erm, sorry about that. ImageVenue clearly sucks ass. On a live-streaming ass-sucking website.]

Some guys called 'Matt Lucas' and 'David Walliams'. They sure seem like quite an inventive duo. Not for them the tedium of relentlessly trotting out the same five tired half-jokes on... er, oh.

Richard Herring's photo tour of his home town, Cheddar. That's more like it. Sorry about the quality of some of these scans. We don't want to bugger up our magazine by forcing it flat onto the scanner too hard, you see.

A reprint of a classic Bill Hicks interview. Also includes a transcript of his banned Letterman appearance. If Comedy Review was published nowadays, there'd probably be an episode guide of "forgotten gem Meet Ricky Gervais" or something, where they try to pretend it was anything other than terrible.

A couple of shows called Sinfeild and Father Fred, or something.

A great big post-Bruges Stephen Fry interview. Well worth a gander.

Lastly, the excellent Peter Baynham column, the thing we miss most about Comedy Review. Here, Peter attacks lazy, generic comedy. Now, admittedly, it didn't have much of an impact (c.f. BBC Three) but a nice piece nonetheless.

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