Next Time, The Winner Could Be: You

  • 7/13/2009 10:23:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

We’re going to spend too much time this week playing this:

(How we did - Q1: Wrong, Q2: Right, Q3: Realised we’d pressed the wrong button just after selecting ‘A’. We’ve got better at it since.)

1 vs 100 on Xbox Live. Massively multiplayer online quizzing fest, with UK-only and Europe-only flavours. It’s free to play if you’ve got an Xbox Live Gold account, and you can win prizes along the lines of Xbox Live Points, XBLA games (of Microsoft’s choosing, annoyingly) and if you’re really, really good at it – seriously, must-be-cheating-or-a-robot surely properly good – a car. There are even themed ‘matches’, like Extra Hard (which we scraped 59% at), Trivia (around 70%, we think) and Football (hasn’t happened yet, but we confidently predict at least 98%),

It’s really rather good, and hopefully all the creases will be ironed out later on. Such as?

  • - Not giving you a rundown of your performance at the end of the quiz
  • - Not allowing you to see a list of your previous scores, even though they are recorded to get your lifetime score
  • - Only putting you in a group with people on your friends list if you’re really lucky, and then probably only one of them
  • - Not telling you your overall rank
  • - Stupid, clearly wrong multiple choice options (genuine example: “Which member of the Monty Python team played the King in the Shrek movies? John Cheese, John Cleese, or John Squeeze?”)

If you see BrokenTV on there (that’s our gamertag, not just us talking in the third person due to an increasingly tired running joke), do say hello. Or indeed, add us to your friends list, as long as you don’t expect us to play Left 4 Dead or anything. We’re quizzers, not fighters..

Earlier this evening, the random-groups-of-four-o-mizer has put us up against Brig of the spiffing Bother’s Bar for a couple of games. Aggregate score of what we’ve decided to call The Grand 1vs100 Xbox Live TV Blog Classic: Bother’s Bar – 1, BrokenTV – 1. Will 1 vs 100 give us the chance to claim the overall (imaginary) crown? Keep tuned to this station.

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