Unexciting Chart Of The Day

  • 3/18/2009 12:56:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

According to MediaGuardian, the first episode of Horne & Corden was a huge hit, attracting 817,000 viewers to the opening show of their heavily promoted sketch-based comedy. Six days later, the same website declares Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle to have “started poorly”, after it gathered just, erm, 1.1million viewers.

Now, despite the former being on BBC Three, and the latter being on BBC Two, our stance is that this hardly matters when it comes to these two shows. Horne & Corden was surfing into our living rooms on a wave of heavy promotion, with trailers on all channels, interviews on Radios One, Two and Six, not to mention Gavin and Stacey still being fresh in everyone’s memory and the pair having recently hosted The Brit Awards. Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, starring Stewart “Not Really Been On Telly For Ten Years” Lee, reputedly had a few trailers put out (although we’ve not actually seen one of them on our television), and some broadsheet interviews with Lee (some of which were also conducted by Lee himself).

So, with what we’re saying is a level playing ground between the two programmes, and us just having found the overnights for the second episode of Horne and Corden, it’s time for a chart that doesn’t have a lot of information in it.


Not very (or remotely) interesting so far, but rest assured we’re going to be filling this in week by week to measure the respective fortunes of the two comedy offerings. It’ll be like an advent calendar that you don’t have to wait until December for.

(Note: we haven’t got around to watching H&C episode two yet, so we’re not going to make any claim as to the quality of it yet. We’ve come up with a new yardstick to measure the quality of it, so expect a full breakdown of it soon.)

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