Tuesday, 12 July 2011

“Does anyone remember the News of the World?”

You know when you hear something really good, and think “I am SO putting that on YouTube so more people can hear it”, but then realise lots of other people have had the same idea so you don’t need to bother doing it?

A marvellous monologue from John Finnemore, covering events of the News of the World phonehacking story on last week’s The Now Show.

Hearing Finnemore’s performance in this format is much, much better than actually listening to The Now Show, because in this format the crescendo the routine builds to isn’t immediately deflated by having to listen to Mitch bloody Benn perform a rubbish song about not washing your pants. And we didn’t even make that up.

WARNING: If, like us, you’re listening to the above routine just after listening to the latest episode of the thunderously marvellous radio sitcom Cabin Pressure, the initial impact of it is slightly dissipated by it seemingly being performed by Arthur, the in-flight dimwit played by John Finnemore in that programme. Stick with it, or imagine David Mitchell’s reading it all out or something.

If you haven’t yet listened to Cabin Pressure, remedy that immediately (after listening to the embedded video above). It’s got TV’s Benedict Cumberbatch in it and everything.



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