Wednesday, 10 August 2011

RIOTING SPECIAL: Six Nice Things On The Internet To Look At Instead

So: the riots. Or the lootings. Or a few thousand morons who think they live in a 50 Cent video acting like scumbags. The rolling news coverage has been a mixed bag, with dramatic footage (often lifted from YouTube) combined with the usual parade of self-proclaimed 'experts' telling us how it's all the fault of that Twitter/the rap music that they have nowadays/the cuts/lack of national service/the lack of stringing up bad people/benefits/Facebook/consumer culture/clothing with hoods rather than a sizeable minority of Britain's youth being a bunch of selfish scumbags going for the whole "dilution of responsibility" thing.

But: all that’s pretty much the kind of thing being covered elsewhere, most effectively on the brilliant Sangat TV (Sky 847, Freesat tune to 9/14/210, Astra 1A 5.1E, Frequency 12523 Sr 27500 Vertical (V)), who broadcast rolling coverage of reporter Upinder Randhawa and his cameraman driving around the streets of Birmingham, Wolverhampton and West Bromwich, talking to members of the community while the aftermath of the riot burned away behind them.


So instead, here’s six NICE things that are NICE.

1. Astonishing Examples of Long Exposure Photography (Buzzfeed)


Because the world can be a beautiful place when you’re not setting fire to bits of it.

2. A Guy on US Military Duty in the Middle East Captures His Friend’s Reaction On Announcing He’s Gay

Ooh, cripes. If perceived stereotypes are to be believed this is going to be awkward. He’ll probably jump out of the vehicle and start bellowing or somethi… no, quite the contrary. In a further blow to received opinion, the video currently has 779 “likes” and only 21 “dislikes”. On a YouTube video. AND of the comments we looked at, the only negative comment was someone complaining about the audio quality on the video.

3. The New M83 Single

One of the best noises to find a way into our heads this year, the first track to be released from the French electro maestros’ forthcoming album “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming”. Download the MP3 for free from the band’s website: Your ears will thank you.

4. The Unbroadcast Pilot Episode of Vic Reeves Big Night Out

You just TRY and not to find this exciting. If you’re incapable of enjoying this, you’re an AFFRONT TO HUMANITY. Markedly different to the finished version (not least with the completely different title sequence, a young(er) Charlie Higson as announcer instead of Lord Peter Allen, and SCENES SHOT OUTSIDE), it’s quite fascinating to see what we presume is a show that bit closer to the original stage version of Big Night Out that the series that clattered into Britain’s living rooms in 1990.

Yes, the sound quality is awful and lots of the jokes were re-used in the series proper, but stick with it. (Reader’s voice: “Man With A Stick with it?”) No.

5. A Sketch From Monty Python’s Flying Circus That Never Gets Shown On TV

“There now follows a party political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative and Unionist Party.”

Kicking off with a specially recorded PBS pledge drive promo featuring Graham Chapman and Terry Jones is interesting enough, but this clip goes on to feature a sketch that seems to have been missing from all UK copies of Flying Circus. Quite why that is, we’re not sure, but as it involves John Cleese doing a funny dance with a serious expression on his face, followed by a Gilliam animation of Ted Heath and Harold Wilson in a ballet studio, we’re glad to see it now.

Factmonsters SOTCAA have more information on the cut sketch, along with details of a a further bit of caption-based whimsy that should be in place just before it. Always worth reading.

6. A Cat Eating Pancakes

Just because.


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