Saturday, 12 November 2005

Deal Or No Deal: Are We Bored Of It Yet?

So, Deal Or No Deal. The sleeper TV hit of the year. It's a bit like '...Millionaire', only without the questions, and not really all that much like it after all. The question is: What with Deal Or No Deal being on six days a week despite it only being a case of "Someone has picked a number at random. Will it be a big number or a small number. It'll take 45 minutes for you to find out!", are we bored of it yet?

[A phone rings. BrokenTV picks up the phone, chuckles a bit at the response, then walks around looking pensive.]

Are we bored of it yet? After all, we probably will be at some point. But. Are we bored of it yet?

[Dramatic pause.]

No, it's still a thoroughly entertaining thing to look at enjoying a post-work cuppa. Phew.

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Brig Bother said...

Can I make my Bored or No Bored reference here at this point?

Billy Brown said...

I've only caught the end of one of these. I was ready to dismiss it as terrible as soon as I saw Edmonds pick up the phone and feign annoyance with the 'banker'. However, as cheap as the whole show looks, it does have that something about it. The tension. Whether you want to laugh at somebody obnoxious turn down a £8000 offer for a box worth £10 or you're secretly rooting for the contestant to win (whilst your growing self-loathing rises in proportion, naturally), there's an element of wanting to know what's going to happen next.

It could certainly be a lot worse. I'd be interested to read your take on Eggheads, for instance.

Mark X said...

It really is one of those shows that should be rubbish, but is actually great. The only problem is, when you try and get other people to check it out, you sound like a berk.

"It's ace! Someone picks a box, and there's some money in it, and then, er, they take away the other boxes one at a time, looking in each one to see what they haven't won, coming up with a compromise prize every few boxes, and, er, it takes 45 minutes. And Noel Edmonds hosts it. Hey, come back."

Mark X said...

Oh, and hi Brig, nice to see you here! Why you no post at NotBBC any more, eh?

Anonymous said...

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