Saturday, 18 February 2006

The Worst Thing About Lots Of People Not Liking The IT Crowd Is

That in a few weeks, the rubbish Green Wing will be back on, and lots of gushing idiot columnists can start banging on forever about how 'cutting edge' and 'good' it is, despite the fact that it's:

(a) Little more than Jam: The Sitcom, but worse.

(b) About as amusing as a visit to a real-life Serious Burns Unit. Or TLC, and at least that had Tim Brooke-Taylor in it.

(c) A waste of Mark Heap and Tamsin Greig.

Even more so than before, as all the tedious pricks who've heard that it's Simply The Programme It's SO Cool To Pretend To Like since the end of the first series are about to latch onto it.

Mind you, if it'll get this blog mentioned in meejaguardian, we're now going to replicate the Green Wing 'style' (i.e. copying off of Jam) by typing most of this sentence at a normal speed, then typingthelastbitveryfastfornoreasonotherthanitlooks-interestingifyou'rewatchingitinapubwiththesoundturnedoff.

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sinister agent said...

Sob. Thank you. Though I'm no fan of the IT crowd (strongly dislike it, in fact. It's clearly just Black Books without the timing or characters. I assume Linehan and Dylan Moran had a spat and refuse to work together after the first series or something), I simply cannot stand Green Wing. It's possibly the most overrated thing on television.

The reviews I've read of the new series though, oddly, seem to be saying that green wing has "lost" "it". Quite what it "had" in the first place is a mystery, because from what I've seen of the new series, it's exactly as unfunny, smug and artificially ZANY LOL as the first. And yes, half the cast are wasted on it. Is Tamsin Greig going down the same route as Ardal O' Hanlon, or what?

Anonymous said...

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