Accidental Rudeness News

  • 11/10/2006 11:22:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones


You know, for ages now, we've been looking over the blog and wondering why no-one ever leaves comments any more. Over twenty people have been looking at the site every single week, and nary a "dude, where are the pictures of Beverly D'Angelo in the shower I'd Googled?". With typical stiff-upper-lipedness we'd continued to post, but always in the back of our minds were the sounds of children taunting us with cries of "you're a rubbish blog that no-one comments on" to the sound of Ring A Ring Of Roses (it didn't scan very well, but that's what they'd chant).

Just now, we've flipped over to the new Blogger software, and upon logging in to prepare for Secret Super Excellent New Project, we've just noticed a tab labelled "52 Unmoderated Comments". One click later, and in amongst all of the "Grate site! Please be visit my site full of teh scamware!" comments from scammers, were several proper comments from loyal readers. Oh, you guys! Here, have some lollipops!

They're yoghurt flavoured ones and everything.

Commenting should now be working properly, so you can all feel free to tell us what you think again. And with luck, the voices of the children in our head will soon go back to only taunting us about that tramp we killed when we were eleven.
(Coincidentally, all of the comments should now be in place, if anyone wants to read them.)

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