American Television: Special Report

  • 12/03/2006 06:06:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

My Name Is Earl. American Dad. Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Daily Show. Arrested Development. Studio 60 On Sunset Strip. Lost. 24. The Colbert Report. American television is in a very healthy state at the moment, possibly the healthiest it's ever been. OR IS IT?

Thanks to modern technology, namely the newest version of TVUPlayer, we can finally see what it's really like without it stopping for rebuffering every five seconds. And guess what? Well, predictibly, it's mostly rubbish, which much of the day outside primetime being taken up with teleshopping or tedious local micro-news. Of course, what with the channels being taken from the west-coast feeds, they're all about seven hours behind us, meaning you need to be up at around 4am to see anything in primetime, but even then it's mostly repeats or dull reality TV that even Bravo 2 will turn their nose up at over here.

The screenshots we've tried to take don't work, so have an out of date one.

The listing of available channels is constantly updated in the new beta version (which works much better for us than the last 'stable' release), meaning a few appear and disappear at random (BBC World popped up on the list for us the other day, only it wouldn't work. If a working version of BBC Prime pops up, we'll be really pleased). It does contain Comedy Central, so night owls will be able to see live editions of The Daily Show and Colbert, but be warned - the same channel seems to show endless episodes of MadTV, surely the worst sketch comedy ever broadcast. Although we haven' t seen Blunder yet.

Oh, and you can use it for seeing live 3pm Saturday Premiership football, which was the real reason we'd used it in the first place. Yesterday we watched the Wigan-Liverpool match, which was quite odd, as it featured no commentators at all, just the crowd noise and occasional caption.

Special bonus selection of YouTube clips sorted of linked to the two above things: Classic clips from the NASL! You've gots to love that Being There-ish TV coverage.

George Best's greatest ever goal, for the San Jose Earthquakes.

Ronaldinho's overhead volley? Pah! Giorgio Canaglia of the NY Cosmos did it first!

Do the hustle. With the Seattle Sounders, circa 1975.

1977 Soccer Bowl: New York Cosmos take on the Seattle Sounders.

1978 Soccer Bowl: New York Cosmos vs The Tampa Bay Rowdies.

1980 Soccer Bowl: New York Cosmos vs Ft. Lauderdale Strikers.

1981 Soccer Bowl: New York Cosmos vs Chicago Sting. It's a shootout!

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