Raiders Of The Loft Archive: Part Two

  • 4/19/2007 11:51:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Umpteen months ago, a visit to BrokenTV's parents led to the scanning of some old magazine interviews with people who have become more famous since (Bill Bailey, Jon Stewart, and some bloke called Jerry Seinfeld). Here, belatedly, is part two of it. And, for the record, we thought of that title ages before the underwhelming look back at the ITV archive hosted by The Rubbish One Off Of Phoenix Nights. Just to clarify.

Another collection of recovered magazines included a copy of Loaded from November 1995. In amongst the woefully 'laddish' advertisements (Phwoar! What about tits eh, lads? Eh? Tits! Phwoar! Anyway, why not move your bank account to us, we have very competitive rates) was an interview with Lord Harry Hill as he arrives in New York, ready for his first appearance on the Letterman show.

(Readers may wish to click their mouse buttons whilst over the following thumbnails, in order to enlarge the following images into a shiny new browser window. Or shiny new tab, if you're using a modern browser that features the tabulated method of browsing.)

As you might expect, it's worth a read.

Plus it includes some exclusive scribbled artwork of NYC by Lord Harry himself. And an anecdote about Malcolm Hardee kicking someone in the bollocks.

So, how did the whole visit to the USA work out for Harry?

(Spoiler brackets)

Quite obviously, 'Dave' decided to prolong a section of the show where nothing actually happened and which amused absolutely nobody but himself for a large portion of the programme, necessitating Harry getting bumped from the show. Which seems to happen to somebody pretty much every single time we've tried to watch his show. Which is why we can't bloody stand 'Dave' frigging Letterman in the first place. Because he is shit. Which is why, no matter how many times ITV decide to bung it onto one of their digital outlets, it'll always end up moving from a primetime slot to around 3am, before quietly getting dropped altogether.

And relax.


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