BrokenBrother: Latest Underwhelming News

  • 8/20/2007 03:42:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Erm, we've mostly stopped watching it. The Sky+ programme link has been cancelled, and we've only been dipping into it about once a week. We'd pretty much given up on the series when the halfway housemates were chucked in. It was a bit like having quite a good day at work, but then your boss tells you that you're going to have to work for another six hours. Actually, that's a rubbish analogy. It's like quite enjoying a TV show, only for a stupid amount of new characters to be introduced just as it was getting quite exciting, and you realise that you really can't be bothered investing an hour every single day in it, because while it's been quite enjoyable, there are limits.

The current series of Big Brother seems to be having that impact on everybody. Our contact at Betfair stopped contacting us around the time of the Charleygate 'scandal'. At the moment, Betting@Betfair aren't even bothering with their special BB Betting update page, and while they are still taking bets on it, it has long fallen off the 'Popular Events' list on the front page. The Big Brother's Black Eye website only made it past a few weeks, and we're guessing the tabloids are still only sticking with it because it makes for piss-easy copy.

Of course, all that hasn't stopped us compiling an up-to-date BB Fame-o-meter. And here it is. Definitely something we're not going to do again, because it's a great big pain in the arse to do, no-one really cares about it (do they?), and as each new vanful of bungalowmates is dumped into the Big Brother bungalow the whole thing becomes more unwieldy. But, our word is worth its score in Scrabble, so here you go. Feast on those numbers.

Brian and the twins are the big favourites, but if it weren't so obvious Brian is going to win we'd be tempted to put a few quid on Liam at 10.5. Except Brian is clearly going to win, from the episodes we have watched lately. And quite rightly, too. We suspect he could be the only winner of Big Brother who'll remain completely likeable outside the house since Helen from BB2 (and that was mainly because she pretty much scarpered from the public eye not long after, save for a failed attempt to become a part of Banzai).

Second-placed Ziggy and Jonathan are the recipients of a whopping 30% bonus multiplier to their scores, because they've earned their own pages on Wikipedia, but that isn't enough to beat the one woman infamy rollercoaster that is Charley.

Brian, buoyed by his bonus 10% for being our current favourite, currently sits in third place. Will he manage to overtake Ziggy and Charley to take his rightful place as Big Brother Arbitrary Fame King 2007? Time, or more accurately, the Final And Comprehensive BrokenTV Big Brother Fame-O-Meter Awards 2007 will tell, just after the current series of Big Brother finally, mercifully reaches some sort of conclusion.

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