Monday, 21 January 2008

Promises, Promises

Hey, all. You'll have to excuse the tardiness regarding posting over the last week or so, which has been due to Other Stuff. But here's something we just couldn't resist pointing out. Now, we haven't got around to watching Moving Wallpaper or Echo Beach yet (they're on our eternally expanding list of unwatched programmes on the BrokenTV PVR), so we're not quite sure why we'd clicked on this eBay listing, but we're pretty glad we did.

That's right. For the princely sum of One British Penny upwards, you could "win" a 49% share in a Echo Beach fan site. The name of which we've blanked out as part of our campaign against cynical advertising campaigns, but it won't exactly take Stephen Fry levels of aptitude to find it if you need to (not least because we're including a link to the eBay auction at the end of this sentence.) But, the real story isn't the way someone is cynically posting an auction in eBay to get publicity for their site and make some easy cash, it's this promise they're making to the lucky winner.
You will get to accompany the website owner on TV interviews and other Echo Beach and Moving Wallpaper events as well as any cast and crew meets if the site takes off and we are invited.
Ace. By that same twisted logic, we'd like to make the following offer: We're selling a 49% stake in BrokenIndustries. We won't let you post to any of the blogs or anything (not even BrokenFM), but you will get to accompany us to 60 Charlotte Street when we get invited to be a talking head on "50 Greatest Hamfisted Attempts To Fill Channel Four's Friday Night Schedule In January Without Celebrity Big Brother", and you'll get to meet Paul Ross. On the proviso that (a) the blog becomes popular enough to get us noticed by someone in television, (b) we get asked to appear on such a programme, (c) Channel Four ever stoop that low, and (d) by some accident of God, our physical appearance becomes acceptable to television viewers.

Just as soon as those four pieces of the jigsaw fall into place, YOU could be rubbing shoulders and pretending to hum along with theme tunes from 1980s Children's Programmes with such TV luminaries as Mark "Balls Of Steel" Dolan and The Little Cook Out Of Big Cook Little Cook. We've even noticed at least one visitor to the blog coming from Channel Four Television, so we're practically 25% there (although, in the interests of full disclosure, it's quite possible they were just Googling "Beverly D'Angelo shower", like 33% of our visitors).

The bidding starts at [looks at big number in red at bottom of bank statement] £1786.33. Paypal accepted!

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El Condor said...

Right, looking through the rest of the itmes, this person is selling AdSense websites and comment spamming tools as well. This kind of makes me concerned about the not-for-profit thing.

Also, given the originating address, and the general modus operandi, I may have gone to school with this man, which is vaguely unsettling somehow.

Mark X said...

If you ever bump into him at a school reunion, kick him in the shins just in case.

The auction ended on a whopping 54 pence, incidentally. What with the original listing fee, PayPal fee and the fact that we think it was a featured listing, that probably represents a £1.44 loss on the overall venture. Ha ha.

El Condor said...

I have no intention of going back, but the fact that this whole endeavour was so craptacular makes me all the more convinced it was him.

Anonymous said...

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