Thursday, 15 October 2009

Brooker Scanorama: Frozen Dinners And Pac-Man Stickers

It’s been a while since we promised another bunch of Charlie Brooker PC Zone scans, so it’s probably time we made good on our promise, and not purely because we can’t be bothered doing an update that involves “thinking” or “having opinions about stuff”. Here are a few scanned articles from October 1996, a curious age where references to ill-fated Conservative Party campaign slogans could adorn the cover of videogame magazines, and there would be far too many flight simulators. What was the fascination, eh? Mind you, now you can buy a bus simulator for the PC, so it’s not as if society has progressed that much. Yes, really.

First up, “That Was Then, Is This Now?” a misty-eyed look back at some elderly games, and their then-modern counterparts. Includes some Pac-Man stickers, which we went mental for when we were seven years old.  Think of it as a very, very early draft of the look back at the history of videogaming from Gameswipe, before it was redrafted to appeal to people who like Charlie Brooker so much, they’ll watch him presenting a show about a subject they’ve absolutely no interest in.

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Next, a review of Syndicate Wars, which we’re saying wasn’t as good as the original. The fact that the sequel was in ‘proper’ 3D (still a relatively new thing at the time) possibly boosted up the score at the end, or maybe we’re just wrong about videogames. Both are equally likely.

x10sctmp4 x10sctmp5 x10sctmp6 x10sctmp7 x10sctmp8

Finally, a Cybertwats strip. It’d be nice if someone scanned up the early Cybertwats cartoons – we only started buying PCZ around this time, and so have never seen them. Extra bonus points for anyone pointing us toward a scan of Brooker’s “Cruelty Zoo” strip, deemed so controversial it had to be physically torn out of most copies of PC Zone before they could be sold.


No, hang on. Here’s “Cruelty Zoo”, right here. Nothing controversial about that, is there?

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