Sunday, 28 February 2010

Retreading Familiar Ground: Craig Ferguson and Stephen Fry

Yes, yes. We’ve spent a lot of time lately trying (forlornly, as it seems) to win everyone around to the brilliance of Craig “Creg Ferguson” Ferguson’s marvellous Late Late Show on CBS. But here, right here, is how far he’s prepared to take things. He’s not just content with fucking with the concept of TIME ITSELF (several of his recent shows have toyed with the concept of ‘structure’, putting the denouement right at the start of his talk shows, or saying “wow, what a great show we’ve got for you tonight, see you after the break!” right at the end of his timeslot). This week, he decided to tweak the nipples of CBS to a PSI so tight he could spend an entire episode of his chat show interviewing just one guest, Stephen Fry (who, for some unfathomable reason, isn’t a household name to US citizens. Why, many of them have probably never even seen Happy Families), without an audience AT ALL And here, presuming CBS haven’t killed those involved, is it.


Go Bing Hitler. Never has a comedian rejected from a Sunday night ITV 10pm pilot slot fared so well. Come on, Comedy Central UK/Bravo/ITV4/BBC3, etc, done so well.

[edit] We put all that together before even watching all that. We’ve now watched (some of it), and it deserves further cackhanded investigation. We, assuming few others will bother, will attempt this (or just link to someone else doing it much better than we could ever do). Stay, possibly, tuned.


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Jamie said...

Just downloaded this episode to have a lookie, as Mr Ferguson is one facet of American TV i have yet to look at. First off tho i grabbed the Eddie Izzard episode.

Oh my.

Quite astounding. Eddie Izzard just about hangs on in there.

Plus the BBQ looked lush.

Thanks for the heads up, now added the show to download as and when it airs.

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