Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Clonkingly Stupid Screen Furniture Of The Decade (2)

In a thrilling change to their usual diet of complete and utter drek (Your Face Or Mine, Distraction, Balls Of Steel – y’know, all the stuff too rubbish to be repeated on E4), 4Music have started broadcasting the wonderful Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. Generally at around midnight, and never at quite the advertised time, so your PVR recordings are likely to be topped or tailed by seven minutes of Mark Dolan’s smug wrong face, but still, at least the thought is there, eh?

Well, the idiocy doesn’t stop there. The entire show has been cropped really badly from 4:3 into widescreen. That’s stupid enough with a standard comedy show, but when it’s a programme packed with loads of amusing on-screen text, it does kind of ruin things. Throw in a huge on-screen graphic at all times telling you the name of the programme you’re watching (even though you’ll already know what the name of the programme is, because it’ll be right there, on the EPG), and, well…





4Music: the clumsy step-son of the Channel Four family that never seems to do anything right.


In other “while we’ve got the screen grabbing program loaded on our Freeview box” news, every time we see the special BBC One/Children In Need idents with Pudsey leaning into the screen and waving…


…we can’t help but think of this from Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


“BONG! Start again.”


2 .:

Damian said...

so I tried watching this last night. Turns out 4Music had lied on the EPG and it wasn't on at all. Suppose it'll be down as some marketing technique - say something interesting is on your channel, then don't actually show it.

Applemask said...

And they got the name wrong on the stupid shit and awful pointless shit tautological ribbon they slapped over the top of the show in defiance of common sense and God's law


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