Monday, 6 December 2010

“If It’s Tyne-Tees, Tell ‘Em I’m Not Working” (BBC North-East Xmas Tape 1986)

It just wouldn’t be December without us including some videos of BBC Christmas Tapes, would it? Here’s an interesting find – the BBC North-East Christmas tape from 1986. Warning: contains Bon Jovi.

As Sean Lock might say, it’s something that isn’t that funny, but it’s not boring either. Actually, it is pretty boring. Oh, for the golden age of Xmas Tapes.

If that’s a bit much for you, how about this clip (purportedly from a Christmas tape from a US network, though we suspect it’s just generic non-festive VT engineer tomfoolery) from the 1950s?

Not sure the BBC VT department of the late 1970s would have got much out of that, really.

TOMORROW: A better update than this one. Possibly.


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