Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ratings Updaaaaaaaaate (Part 1)

It’s been a while since we’ve done this. What are the UK’s most popular channels, then? Yes, the Big Five terrestrial players are going to top the chart, but what of the others? Is Dave bigger than BBC Four? Is Sky News bigger than Cbeebies? How is Sky Atlantic doing, then? And are the music channels still in the doldrums?

Well, we’ve pored through the Barb top ten shows from every single channel that reported them, for each of the four full weeks from May 2011. Then, we’ve taken the average viewing figure for each of those channels top ten shows, and sorted them accordingly.

Here’s what we found: first up, the top thirty channels, in EXCITING INFOGRAPHIC FORM.


As suggested by the figures, timeshifted and (where they simulcast the output of their SD cousins) HD channels are included – where figures have been reported. Which they aren’t for BBC One HD and the Sky channels, their loss.

As we’ve said up there, ITV are boosted by the BGT monster, though ratings did dip after the series opener once everyone realised that David Hasselhoff is now somehow an arbiter of ‘talent’. Despite having new episodes of Psychoville and Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, the most-watched comedy programmes on BBC Two are repeats of Dad’s Army and The Two Ronnies, closely followed by the same-week quasirepeat of Have I Got A Bit More News For You.

Despite banging on about how they’ve got the newer seasons of The Simpsons, Sky1’s most-watched episode of the month was a repeat of an episode from season nine. Meanwhile, a large number of viewers are preferring to watch 7pm episodes of The Simpsons When It Was Good on Channel 4+1 than the newer offerings on Sky1.

In other animation news, we were cheered to notice Archer making the latest weekly top ten on 5* (nee Fiver), as it’s brilliant and everyone should watch it.

Anyway, there’s your Top 30 UK Television Channels of May 2011. Tune in tomorrow for the Bottom 30 UK Television Channels of May 2011. That’ll probably have S4C in it, won’t it, eh? No-one watches that, do they, eh? Eh? Eh? (Clearly not, we’re being sarcastic.)


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