Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic YouTube Gold*: Day One (*Soon To Be Retitled “Quadrennial Sporting Occasion YouTube Shiny Brown” Under Threat Of Legal Action)


Hey, it’s all going really well, isn’t it? Even all the people who’d been bleating on about how it was going to be rubbish have been pretty quiet. So, what better time to pick out some of our favourite Olympic-related TV moments from the digital wilderness? And nothing at all to do with how it’ll mean we can queue up a week of blog posts in a spare hour on Saturday afternoon, no really, honest.

TODAY! Spine Milligna’s classic “The Irish O’Lympics” sketch from (if memory serves*) A Series of Unrelated Incidents at Current Market Value.

(*After someone uploaded it to UKNova. We’re not THAT old.)


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