Monday, 6 August 2012

Olympic YouTube Gold*: Day Two (*Still Soon To Be Retitled “Quadrennial Sporting Occasion YouTube Shiny Brown” Under Threat Of Legal Action)


Second-division Hanna-Barbara characters: this is, as Martine McCutcheon might say, Your Golden Moment. It’s an episode of 1977 cartoon ‘supergroup’ Laff-A-Lympics! With fondly remembered characters like, er, Dynomutt, Taffy Dare, Hokey Wolf, Blabber, Junior Creeply and Orful Octopus!

Basically, it’s Wacky Races, only without the ‘being any good’.Here’s episode one of it:

OLYMPIC-BASED TWEET OF THE DAY THAT WE THINK SHOULD HAVE GOT MORE CREDIT THAN IT DID SO WE’RE RE-POSTING IT HERE: “Just switched to the rowing on BBC Olympic 47. No arguments at all, just some blokes in a boat. Rubbish.”


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