Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The BrokenTV 2014 World Cup Prediction League: Now at the low, low price of free



That’s right, due to… let’s say ‘disappointing’ levels of uptake for our World Cup Prediction League at £2-to-charity a go, we’re going to make it free to enter. Though, of course, it would be utterly lovely if you choose to donate a couple of quid anyway.


Anyway, if you’d like to enter simply take a ‘form’ and fill in your predictions for match results along with our special bonus categories of ‘competition winner’, ‘top goalscorer’ and ‘First letter of the first word Adrian Chiles says at the start of the opening match coverage’ and send it off to us at We’ll feed your predictions into our specially adapted punchcard mainframe, and update the league table regularly at our specially-fashioned Tumblr page


Your list of fixtures can be nabbed from here: or alternatively here:


Copy-paste them into an email or text file, fill in the results of your choosing, and fire them at Easy as pretending to fall off a log because there was definitely contact there and you can’t expect to get away with that at this level, Clive.


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