Saturday, 7 May 2016

So, Which Is The Most Beloved Premier League Manager?

Hello, everyone. Some proper updates soon, promise. About telly and everything.

For now though, with the end of the football season approaching, who is the most beloved Premier League football manager? And who is the most beloathed? We’ve done fifteen minutes of Google searches so YOU don’t have to.


There may be other Mark Hugheses and Alex Neils out there, of course. But you can’t argue with cold hard data.


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Mark X's Echoing Inner Voice After That Shower Rail Concussion said...

Mark X!, only about 19 years after the last post or something.

No, I sha'n't let your muddy tyke type clamber over my back garden fence to look for your zag-zigged footing-ball ball; I am extremely busy burying this corpse. Nevertheless, hello again and listings.

(Entre nous though, S Micallef's Mad as Hell S6 has begun and here's a reliable Youtube ripper you ought probably to edit out of the pubbed com while whistling or something to prevent ABC-OZ binning the chan as they keep doing to all uppers around the world, which is of course insane and listings: .)

I keenly anticipate your next post 19 years hence, when I shall be out and listings.

Mark Jones said...

Look, it's not MY fault I fell into a grain silo two years ago and had to eat my way out.

Cheers for the nod on Mad As S6 (Six! That's as demented as Stewart Lee getting four series of a thing). I've yet to even catch up on Micallef's previous offering The Ex-PM other than to make the following observations from a cursory glance: (1) The cast appears to be a grab-bag of players from previous Micallef things, (2) it's a lot dryer than I'd expected, not that there was ever a chance this would be Welcher: The Political Years of course, and (3) he doesn't perform the lead character in a Stan Laurel voice throughout. Oh, and (4) he could just have called it 'X, Prime Minister'.

If you've not had a chance yet, the pilot of The Ex-PM is here in a strange DRM-thwarting box-within-a-box that suggests ABC don't yet know about it either:

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