Thursday, 1 December 2005

Speaking of Deal Or No Deal...

...are we bored of it yet? Due to a combination of factors such as:

(a) The bullish performance of that bloke in yesterday's episode, where - wonderfully - he declared his own 'deal' price, got to speak to The Dealer (proving that HE INCONTROVERTIBLY EXISTS), who instead of making a counter-offer, simply said "no deal". Oh yes, it's moments like this that make us rush straight home from work, y'know.

(b) The woman on today's episode (look, we're no good with names. Just leave us alone) turning down a sizeable £29,000 offer to go all the way to the last two boxes, after just two from fourteen Box Jockeys recommended she turn down the five-boxes-to-go offer.

(c) The Box Jockeys no longer bother with that tedious "Ooh, I reckon it's going to be a low number, Noel!" business before breaking the seal. It was really, really starting to get on our tit end.

No. We still like it. Hurrah!

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