This is the sort of thing we think about at 3am on a Monday morning, you know.

  • 5/15/2006 02:58:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

You know when Pink Panther used to happen across Generic Man building himself a house? And Pink Panther used to take it upon himself to somehow paint the house, not as Generic Man wanted in blue, but in pink? By hook and by crook (or, more ususally, by swapping the labels on the tins of paint around), old Pink would generally achieve his aim and ensure that once the house was completed, it'd be a fetching shade of pink. And then, Pink Panther would decide to live in this house. Well, as far as I can see, either:

[a] Pink Panther is paying for the house to be built, and if he wants it to be pink, then what bloody right has Generic Man got to impose his self-styled interior (and exterior) design tips on a house he is only building for a client? Pink Panther could save a lot of effort by just getting a different firm of builders in, via PROPER LEGAL CHANNELS if neccessary. Generic Man can jump up and down on his hat as much as he wants, he'll still be in breach of contract.


[b] Pink Panther has just noticed a house being built, and for some unfathomable reason, he believes that getting a house that is being built for someone else painted in the same colour as that of your fur somehow entitles you to lay claim to possession of that building, AND THERE'S NOT A SINGLE THING WE TAXPAYERS CAN DO TO STOP HIM. And who loses out? Johnny Homeowner, that's who. That's right - Mister Rinky-Dink Panther gets to live, RENT FREE, MIND, in a brand new house, free of charge, and I'll bet you that while the proper legal owners of the house are attempting to have the feline squatter removed, they still have to pay any Council Tax charges that are incurred. And if the council can be bothered doing anything to remove the pink interloper, it's still up to the legal owners of the house - WHO COULD JUST AS WELL BE YOU OR I, to clear up any damages, and to pay to have the house re-painted it's original colour. Meanwhile, that pink BASTARD can just wander off, and trick another innocent decorator into giving him another free palace to stay in for as long as he pleases. Gentleman? Scholar? Acrobat? Or freeloading pink TWAT?

That's it, I'm voting Tory from now on.


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