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  • 6/01/2006 10:22:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Thanks to the wonder of YouTube, all manner of TV flotsam has been shovelled onto the web. Granted, much of it is annoying American teens miming along to Fall Out Boy with their chums, but some of it is good. And, thanks to someone who, on legal advice, we'd like to state categorically possibly isn't BrokenTV's Mark X, it is now host to the following items:

A classic slice of World Of Sport, from when ITV was still good. We think this dates from 1981, although we're none too sure.

Dickie Davies has an Earl Hickey moment.

Bits of card stuck to a bigger bit of card. Now that's presentation!

A promo trail for The New Season Of Drama On BBC1 (also probably circa 1981, maybe). Note logo created seemingly created by some bloke who'd been looking at a Transformers box, plonked into this promo, then never used again, as opposed to pored over by a highly-paid team of 'creatives' for six months, then filtered through a focus group, then given a press launch, just for some dull writing in Gill Sans.

Salute the cheery avuncular voiceover. SALUTE IT.

That's not all of the YouTube goodness we've got lined up. If he were here now, the person who most definitely isn't BrokenTV's Mark X for legal purposes would like to state that he has about 68 other clips lined up for upload. Such as, we'd imagine, a rubbish beer advert featuring a young Hugh Laurie. Probably. Just a guess, mind. Plus, stuff like this.

Person Who Isn't BrokenTV's Mark X would like to thank the person who'd put the original mammoth multi-gigabyte chunks of 70s/80s TV onto UKNova, from which the above clips were culled. [BrokenTV's legal department picks up hefty stick.] Er, we suppose.

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