Movie of the Day: I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With

  • 2/27/2008 11:53:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Imagine a world where characters from excellent US sitcoms go about their normal lives without any cameras being present. Jeff from Curb Your Enthusiasm is kicked out by Susie, and relocates to Chicago to try and relive his early success as an improvisational comedian, whilst trying to find meet the right girl for him. Preferably one who won't call him a "fat fuck". Sarah Silverman from The Sarah Silverman Program relocates to Chicago, and helps her sister run a diner. Phil from The Larry Sanders Show takes up acting, after relocating to Chicago. The character that Dmitri Martin played in Flight Of The Conchords leaves the band he was part of in Flight Of The Conchords, and takes up a job in a Chicago record store. Amy Sedaris from Strangers With Candy becomes a junior school teacher, at a school in the Chicago area. Dan Castellaneta becomes manager/owner of a convenience store.

You can enjoy all this and more in the wonderful little movie I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With. Which takes place in... guess. No, Chicago. Tch. It begins as if it were some strange alternate universe version of Curb Your Enthusiasm, with Jeff taking the Larry role, and David Pasquesi as his occasional confidante. Early moments include James (the character played by Jeff) wandering over to a hot-dog sample distributor dressed as a cartoon pirate, just to ask what a pirate has to do with hot dogs, only to end up covering the mascot's shift while he dashes off to a film audition. It even has similar incidental music to Curb. Luckily, the film soon finds it's own niche. It's a more gentle comedy than the Machiavellian farce of Curb, but no less enjoyable because of it.

The film revolves around a 39-year-old, lonely, overweight, underemployed actor who still shares an apartment with his mother. While we don't know if it is or not (research? Pah!), it could very easily contain scenes that are either improvised, or nailed after the first take (a la Curb). Many of the cast are instantly recognisable to people with a knowledge of Premier League US comedy, with many of them being former contemporaries of Garlin at improv club Second City, which is also featured in the film.

Without giving too much away, here are three little summing up 'facts' about this film.

  1. It's a but like Juno For Blokes. We may well be saying that because we'd also watched Juno today (and very good it is too, not least because Kimya Dawson did the music, and two people from Arrested Development are in it).
  2. I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With is a nice little film well worth watching.
  3. There's a very good reason why we never review films on this blog, and you've just read it.

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