"If There's One Thing People Don't Want, It's The Absence Of A Lack Of Non-clarity"

  • 3/13/2008 11:09:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

For the benefit of those listeners yet to follow our advice and get into Newstopia, Shaun Micellef’s fantastic take on the satirical news show genre, we’re pleased to offer up a few clips of what you’re missing. Alternatively, for the benefit of our listeners handsome and/or pretty enough to have heeded the words we typed on the 28th of February, here are some clips from the first series of Newstopia. Which we erroneously said wasn’t as good as we’d hoped. We’d only seen the pilot episode by that point, and luckily the remainder of the series (which we’ve just acquired) is well up to muster. As this clip will inarguably prove to you.

Good, and something only a wrist-flapping simpleton would describe as Like The Day Today Only Not As Funny, no? Well, as more people really should be made aware of this show, and because it'll make for an easy update to the blog, here's a full episode from series one of Newstopia. Spiffington.

(Part one. Direct link)

(Part two. Direct link)

(Part three. Direct link)

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