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  • 3/17/2008 01:48:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Just a quick update here, as we don't really want to turn into merely some sort of anti-Lamb blog. Mainly because slagging off George Lamb feels kind of like kicking in an extraordinarily untalented blind cripple.

Nonetheless, a lot of the comments floating around the internet about the general unsuitability of George Lamb for a radio station based solely on the premise of playing proper, decent music mention an infamous interview with a couple of the Super Furry Animals. In this interview it's quite clear that he doesn't know anything about the band, how to conduct an interview with someone he hasn't been the manager of (for those not in the know, he was manager of the Audio Bullys (sic) and Lily Allen before deciding to expand his 'media' 'profile'), or pretty much how to hold a conversation with anyone who isn't a braying demi-wit.

Someone on the internet had put up an mp3 recording of this interview (which is well worth listening to anyway, as it contains a great lo-fi reworking of Golden Retriever) for the benefit of those who'd missed it first time around. Sadly, they'd uploaded it to Megashare, which is horrible. So, with the entirely imaginary consent of the person who'd created the file, we're mirroring the file here. Or more specifically, here. For the time between now and the moment it soaks up the last of our ADSL24 bandwidth allowance for the month (or until the BBC have us killed for hosting it), listen and enjoy/brim with furious rage.

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