Tuesday, 30 September 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (If You Like Animated Sitcoms Broadcast On FOX)

The Simpsons (season twenty, episode one - "Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes")

Obviously nowhere near The Golden Age, but the new episode is certainly very good when compared to the episodes currently showing on Channel Four every evening, which are pretty much the low point of the entire series. Tip: download it. There's no way Sky One will be showing this one uncut.

Family Guy (season seven, episode one - "Love Blactually")

The show has certainly recovered from the post-comeback lull now. A very strong episode, and if the scripts can keep steering as largely clear from weak "you think that's bad? What about the time I..." cutaway pop culture reference gags as this ep, it'll fully disprove BrokenTV's Law Of Seth MacFarlane* by the end of November. But will it?

(*BrokenTV's Law Of Seth MacFarlane - the weaker an episode of Family Guy, the better the subsequent episode of American Dad will be, thereby proving Seth MacFarlane has a finite number of Talent Points to be distributed between the two.)

American Dad (season four, episode one - "1600 Candles")

It very well might. A solid performance from the Smiths, although slightly below their best.

Animated sitcoms are back, everyone. Mondays are slightly less rubbish! Apart from when Fox don't show new episodes for weeks at a time, which is frigging stupid, and no wonder the ratings are sliding, why can't they just show them properly like we do over here, after all, they do with '24' and it works well enough for them then, so come on, Fox, consider the feelings of us illegal downloaders, just as long as you don't contact our internet service providers or anything.

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Anonymous said...

Continuing on the theme of adult animation, HBO premiered a show on Sunday called The Life and Times of Tim. It wasn't half bad. I'm sure you'll find it swirling around the interweb somewhere.

Jamie said...

Caught the new Simpsons the other day and was pleasantly surprised by some laugh out loud moments which offset some pretty poor plotting.

Oh and i imagine the first 2-3 mins will end up on the cutting room floor before hitting UK screens.

Only watched the first few minutes of Family Guy, had to actually work, but the snoopy/laura bush bits were brilliant.

Strangely enough never got into American Dad.


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