Thursday, 11 September 2008

"That's Really Funny, Robert." "Yeah. I Was In Airplane II."

Astonishingly Still Available Series Of YouTube Clips Of The Day: The Complete Larry Sanders.

Indisputably the greatest American sitcom of the 1990s that isn't Seinfeld, the series is still largely missing from the DVD shelves. The first season and two varying sizes of 'Best of' have been released over the last eight years, but reportedly due to musical rights shenanigans the later episodes are still in TBA limbo. A pity, because in Larry, Hank and Artie we have three of the most rounded characters ever to grace a comedy series, along with a great cast of other characters played by people such as a pre-24 Penny Johnson and Mary Lynn Rajskub, a pre-Mr Show Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Silverman and, erm, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and what can accurately be described as a plethora of celebrities playing slightly eskew versions of themselves. Oh, and They Might Be Giants were in one episode, which surely counts for something.

Anyway, rather than drone on whilst fighting an inner temptation to fill a paragraph with the words 'penis vagina' repeated over and over in the hope anyone reading it will get the reference, those links. When we become King Of Britain (hey, we're working on it), we will make sure YouTube user 'Drzemf' receives an OBE for this.

1.01 Garden Weasel: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.02 The Promise: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.03 The Spider Episode: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.04 Guest Host: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.05 The New Producer: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.06 The Flirt Episode: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.07 Hank's Contract: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.08 Out of the Loop: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.09 Talk Show: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.10 Party: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.11 The Warmth Episode: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.12 A Brush With the Elbow of Greatness: Part One Part Two Part Three
1.13 Hey Now: Part One Part Two Part Three

The remaining 76 episodes are all on there too, but setting up all those links took long enough. The rest of the episodes are around here. Comedy fans on the go who are untroubled by copyright infringement might like to note that with judicious use of this Greasemonkey script for Firefox, you could soon be carrying them all around with you on your mobile phone or MP4 player.

Either way, you'd be advised to enjoy them while you still can. The earlier episodes have been there for around eighteen months so far, but one can never be sure when the YouTube axe will be swung around at such things. It probably wouldn't help much if people drew attention to them on a different arm of the Google empire.


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