Things We've Noticed When Watching Recorded Late-Night Repeats Of Flight Of The Concords On BBC Four

  • 9/23/2008 09:36:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

You might expect the person doing the sign language would by fairly redundant in a comedy show based largely on comedy songs. You'd be wrong, though. The sign language peeps get to throw some funky shapes during the musical numbers. We bet they're having a shitload more fun then when they've got to sign Trawlermen or Chinese Food Made Easy. It's way better than when we accidentally stumble into the signed hours of Sky Sports News at 3am on a Sunday morning, which we always find inexplicably disturbing. We have no idea why this latter situtation is the case, although that's possibly something to do with what we'd drunk in the preceding six hours.

Also, this: we'd forgotten how bloody marvellous the Concords pastiche of the West End Girls video in episode two was. Brilliant. "No-one cares, no-one sympathises. You just stay home and play synthesisers."

Things We've Noticed When Taking Screen Caps Of Recorded Late-Night Repeats Of Flight Of The Concords On BBC Four: When you try to get an image of the sign language signer doing a funky dance, it just looks like something in sign language. Hope it isn't rude. We've seen that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hey, if that episode ("The Rat Dog") is ever shown on More4 as a signed repeat, will the universe implode on itself?

A BrokenTV Appeal: In case any Sign Language Artistes (we have no idea what the correct term is, so please don't think we're denigrating your entire profession here) are reading this, we'd love to conduct a survey of the shows that are the most fun to sign. Do you have to paste on a fake expression of merriment when you're 'doing' "After You've Gone"? Will you be making secret signals as if to say "yes, I know. What a pair of wankers. Imagine being in the room with those two, and only having one bullet" when asked to sign the Jim Davidson episode of "The Dark Side of Fame With Piers Morgan"? The BrokenTV team would love to hear from you.

We don't even mind if you're only reading this statement as a result of a Google search fifteen months from now. We're very patient, and we realise no-one is reading this rubbish. Your anonymity is assured.

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