Friday, 14 August 2009

Sound On... ("Sound On!")... Vision On... ("Vision On!")

Hey, ITV. It's coming up to the thirtieth anniversary of what just might be our earliest television memory, and where's the C-list strewn clip show commemorating it? Nowhere, that's not where. Tsk. Weeks and weeks of this:

Followed by, quite excellently, this:

Interesting local colour: all that was going on at a time when the BrokenTV family's front room floor was being repaired. We'd just grown up from the age of "needing those tot-proof gates to prevent us from tumbling down the stairs", and so said gate was instead being used to stop us from toddling into the front room with it's newly-unbuggered-but-still-vulnerable floor. All this means we saw the ITV strike coverage from the strangely cramped kitchen instead.

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Tanya Jones said...

I was too young to remember this, but being a TV nerd, I am delighted that you've written about it.

Mark X said...

As I TV Cream's weekly email pointed out recently, for some reason TV strikes are strangely entertaining. A tiny part of me wishes I was ten years older, so I could have got to enjoy all of the 1970s TV strikes.

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