Monday, 3 August 2009

File Under “Pointless Whimsy”

But thanks to a circuitous discussion on crisps on Twitter (see that Twitter box to your right for the full transcript, including a link to the marvellously pompous Wikipedia page for Space Raiders*), we ended up putting this together in about 75 seconds.

(*Genuine quote: “Space Raiders remained at an inflation-beating retail price of 10 pence from their introduction in the late 1970s all the way until late October 2007, when the price was hiked to 15p. The price has continued to fluctuate, reflecting the volatility of the underlying commodity prices.”)


It has absolutely no comedic or artistic worth whatsoever, and really isn’t worth posting on here. And yet: we just have. Think of this update as a new nadir before the forthcoming, brilliant, sure-to-get-us-mentioned-on-Boing-Boing-again four-part update raises the bar once again.


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