Our Favourite Bit Of New Doctor Who So Far

  • 4/12/2010 05:15:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

In the latest episode, where Amy is in the retro-future Britain starship’s information room, a display in the background of Starship UK’s informational terror video looks kind of familiar. Look to the left of beardy-Mc-Info’s shoulder here.

image Compare that to an old BBCtv on-screen ident, in use from 1962 until (we think) 1964 (when BBCtv would have become BBC-1 due to the launch of BBC-2, and would have needed a new ident). 
(image taken from the splendid 625.uk.com):

image An ident which would still have been in use in 1963, when Doctor Who first took to the air. A lovely little touch on the part of the set designers, there.

As for the remainder of New Who, we’re enjoying it a lot. Never mind fretting over any plot inconsistencies, clumsy exposition or The Doctor hacking every computer in the world using a mobile phone, and just enjoy the ride. It’s back!

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