So… What *Is* The Best TV Show Of The 00s, Then?

  • 4/01/2010 01:19:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

image There is lots of other bits too, but whatever the funniest bit is, we’re sure that Balls Of Steel is our favourite TV show of the entire last decade. Sure some people (LOOSERS LOL) might say that it’s “an insult to the channel, the viewers, and hell, the medium of television itself. Quite honestly, everyone involved ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. And not just ashamed in a ‘hey, only doing my job, but I guess I do feel a bit bad at times!’ kind of way, ashamed on an entire ‘I probably don’t even deserve to call myself a human being any more’ level. It’s quite honestly the very worst thing ever broadcast by Channel Four, if not British television. Yes, even worse than Minipops, even though that incited the molestation of young children. In summary, television for cunts, by cunts”, but they just don’t get it. We really can’t believe Mark Dolan hasn’t been put in charge of more television programmes like Soccer AM and the Channel Four News.

Balls Of Steel, stand up and take you’re prize…………. your the BEST TELEVISION SHOW OF THE 00S!!!!!!1


Right, if anyone needs us, we’ll be on the Digital Spy forum saying that the BBC ought to be abolished and that Sky Sports is actually a bargain.

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