Saturday, 28 August 2010

Futurama Feature: The Face, October 1999 (SCANFEST2010, Pt 5)

Futurama’s back on Comedy Central in the USA, and it’s as good as it ever was. Hurrah!

That means that this collection of scans from October 1999’s issue of The Face is topical, as well as interesting. The article in full, plus other Scans Of Interest from that issue, after the ‘leap’.


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So, not only did the Oct 1999 issue of achingly smug style mag The Face include a great feature on Futurama…

Face-1999-10008Face-1999-10009Face-1999-10010Face-1999-10011 Face-1999-10012 Face-1999-10013 Face-1999-10014Face-1999-10015 Face-1999-10016

But an entire section of articles on television. Which is handy, as it stops this update being just us flagrantly abusing copyright. You’re allowed to steal content when it’s on-topic for your blog, isn’t it? Failing that... things become public domain after ten years, don’t they?



Anyway, the whole section was pleasingly introduced with some lovely faux-teletext artwork:


It also included pieces on soon to be popular comedy act that we’ve never really seen the appeal of, The Mighty Boosh:


A big feature on how all post-digital TV was going to be like Kelvin “Twat” MacKenzie’s LiveTV (spoiler: it didn’t):

Face-1999-10017 Face-1999-10018Face-1999-10019Face-1999-10020Face-1999-10021Face-1999-10022    

A feature covering thirty television landmarks (including, as was the law on every article about television between 1997 and 2006, a bit on how Brass Eye is, like, the best TV show, like, ever):


And finally (ignoring a bit about how Richard Blackwood was going to be “the saviour of television” – chortle!), away from the articles about TV, a piece on how Rockstar Games is “the Mo’Wax of gaming”. This would have made more sense later on, but this was written to promote the poorly received GTA2, which not many people bought because it wasn’t in 3D yet.



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