Tuesday, 24 August 2010

SCANFEST2010: “French & Saunders used to resort to TV parodies to hide a lack of their own ideas.”

David Baddiel, Vox magazine, June 1997. Around the time the magazine had started to call itself “The NME Monthly”.


baddiel002 baddiel003


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Applemask said...

If you have any PC Zone material you've not done yet, you owe it to society to share it. Incidentally, I'm in the last magazine. I assume. I sent a letter, they liked it, they sent me a prize. Presumably they will also print it.

Mark X said...

I've recovered a load more PC Zone, and will get around to those in due course. It's remarkable how great PC Zone used to be, with Brooker (the last publication he did cartoons for, I think), Duncan McDonald, David McCandless and Culky writing in every issue, amongst lots of other great writers. So idea what it's like now, as I care about PC gaming about as much as I care about X Factor, but I'll be buying the final issue for old times sake.

Applemask said...

Well, these last issues are just the magazine equivalent of watching a man stabbed in the chest slowly bleeding to death - they don't even have an editor - but it's okay now. Not a patch on imperial phase, but they had Log on staff, so some of the Brooker spirit was intact.


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