VIDEO PODCAST: The BrokenTV Awards 2011, Part One - The Top 20 TV Shows of the Year

  • 12/30/2011 06:27:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

In 720p high-definition and everything! This took an unbelievably long time, so here’s hoping the 17 people who’ll sit through it all enjoy it.

Apologies if you have to keep pausing it to read all the text. This was originally a 32 minute epic, before (after uploading the 900MB source video) YouTube kindly informed us that while people who upload entire copyrighted movies without permission can post videos longer than 15 minutes, so bally well can’t. Boo, eh?

Anyway, unlikely there’ll be an update tomorrow, so see you in early 2012 for part two of the awards. Happy new etc!

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