Sunday, 1 January 2012

VIDEO PODCAST B: The BrokenTV Awards 2011, Part Two - The Top 12 Songs of 2011

Over 127,136,643,191,541,302,394 songs were released around the world during 2011. But, say you're going to be stranded on a desert island for some reason and are only allowed to take twelve of them with you. Yes, twelve. we don't know why. Shush. Which twelve would be the ones you should pick? Big ask, we know.

Using COMPLICATED SCIENCE, BrokenTV has calculated the twelve best songs of 2011 (that someone is probably going to chip in with a comment pointing out that at least three of them were actually from 2010 for something, but again, shush). And here they all are.

(Actual video this time. Not just a tribute to 4-Tel.)

Note: the embedded video probably makes it really hard to read the captions. Here’s the full-sized 720p high-definition version.

(We’ve kept the original source video, in case some idiot record company has the entire video pulled. If that happens, please let us know. Thanks!)

Oh, and happy new etc.



Blocked by YouTube already. Gah. Not to be outdone – not least because the rundown only contains small one-minute chunks of songs – we’ve now made it available to download as a hefty 720p MP4, or as a 360p MP4 for people with more modest needs. Links:

720p MP4 file (227.78MB): Multiupload (8 different file hosts)

360p MP4 file (62.54MB): Multiupload (8 hosts)


5 .:

Simon said...

Blocked already.

Mark Jones said...

Backup links now in place. Stupid YouTube.

Scott Willison said...

I've heard of one of those songs. I've heard of only one of the bands that made the songs. I only own one of those songs.

That song is Lipstick by Jedward.

Anonymous said...

Can't you just tell us what the songs are, without going multimedia, early-90s style?

Mark Jones said...

@Scott - It is a great song though, isn't it? I resolutely stand by my choice of it.

@Anon - There'll be a text-based wrap up when I get time in the next few days. Probably. I do kind of like the idea of making people going to the lengths of downloading and watching a video just to find out something as inconsequential as "here's some music I liked this year". And the self-defeating stubbornness of me not listing any of the top TV shows and songs in a way that'll bring search traffic to the blog.

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