Monday, 23 January 2006

Drama Update!

24: Day Five
Fox, Mondays 9pm
(Or the internet, Tuesday morning).

BrokenTV's Spoiler-Free Review of 24: Day Five.

1) Having the same Fox News newsreader as Arrested Development just makes us think of him wearing 70's retro garb and a daft smirk.

2) The Nixonish President Idiot is back! And he has brought his wife!

3) Chloe is back. This is a major plus point. Chloe's ace.

4) Despite initial reservations, it's still very good. Not 'Lost' good, but still very good. Rest assured there's a lot of stuff here we're dying to mention about what's happened, but don't want to ruin the suspense for you.

5) Oh, we will say this - downloaded the special Day Five Preview mini-ep? Well, you can pretty much ignore it.

"Hi! I'm Mary Lynn Rajskub. Not only am I in 24, but
I was in The Larry Sanders Show and Mr Show, and as
such, I'm one of the best people ever.
I'm going to act all moody now.
Blimey, I'm ace."

Prison Break
five, Mondays 10pm

As you'll probably know, this is the one with a premise that's dumber than a big box of frogs watching Fox News. But is it any good?

Commendably, it cuts straight to the chase, automatically assuming everyone tuning in already knows about the whole architect/tattoo/death-row-brother thing. This leaves lots of time for First Episode Thrills And Spills, we reckon. Oh, they're just using the first episode for lots of quite dull scene-setting dialogue, the quite predictible fight-with-top-dog's-goons-stopped-by-guards-in-watchtower aside. And Main Character doesn't even know whether Brother Character has even been framed or not until he's already robbed the bank, been to the tattoo parlour, and got himself banged up, the silly arse. All we're saying is: the quiet one out of Fargo had better do something excellent by the end of episode two, or we're giving up on Prison Break.

"Look closer at my tattoos to see the map. Here's a pointless
CGI special effect to help you." We'd sooner have the "I'm
'aving 'oops" bit of Life On Mars on an endless loop for an

Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got to jump on a flight to JFK so we can catch tonight's 24 without illegally downloading it.

BrokenTV's Drama Premiership, 23rd Jan 06.

1) Lost (ABC) - 62 pts
2) 24 (Fox) - 48 pts
3) Life On Mars (BBC One) - 46 pts
4) House (five) - 44 pts
5) Prisoner Cell Block H (if it was still on) - 41 pts
6) Prison Break (five) - 29 pts

Quick probably too late by the time you see this heads Up! The UK debut of Chapelle's Show in on Tuesday 24th Jan at 10.10pm, on FX. We'll be watching.

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