Tuesday, 24 January 2006

We'll Go Back To Hating It When The Next 'Regular' Big Brother Comes Around, You Know

Want to vote to see a celebrity housemate kicked out of the CBB house? But not sure which one to vote for? We've filtered several weeks of bickering from each one of Wednesday's potential evictees into one representitive soundbite, to help you decide.

George: "The yolk's on you, Michael!"

Gnn. If there's ever a surefire way to judge someone's character, it's to allow yourself get hit by an egg. If the thing they say next revolves around the fact that the word 'yolk' sounds a bit like the word 'joke', then it's probably a good idea to try and set them on fire. GEORGE MUST GO!

Dennis: "'Cos I don't give a shit."

Uttered pretty much every single time anyone says anything at all to him, to assert to fact that while everyone in the house treats their stay in the CBB building as if it's the pinnicle of their glittering career, he don't need to be there. No, he don't, he could be on Miami Beach with his assorted hangers on. Now, we don't even have the remotest interest in rearing yaks, so last year did we decide to spend an entire month of our lives on a SODDING YAK FARM IN TIBET? NO, WE DIDN'T! DENNIS MUST GO!

Chantelle: "I thought Dundee was in Wales."

Bless. She ain't the most astute tool in the box and she looks like Paris Hilton, but at least you can argue she hasn't got even the remotest trace of maliciousness in her DNA. We want her to win, which is fairly surprising as we haven't got any money on her. The odds are way too short now - we'd stupidly gone for the long shots of Traci (40/1 on Betfair), Faria (80/1), 'Other' (160/1), and Zombie Elvis Presley (1000000/1). But that's our fault for being crap at betting. CHANTELLE MUST STAY!

4 .:

Brig Bother said...

You could have got better than evens on her at Betfair just a few days ago. You can't now, obviously.

Watch out for Barrymore, his odds have been falling steadily during the last week, he might just pull a Bez.

Mark X said...

I'd already put a 'saver' bet on Barrymore to offset the long shots, although at the time his odds were even shorter than they are now.

[checks Betfair account] Blimey, I'd also put £3 on Chantelle at 5.7 that I'd completely forgotten about. Ace.

Anonymous said...

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