Beavers, Faggots and Lesbians

  • 8/03/2006 03:05:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

There's a title to get the hit counter spinning. Time for some YouTubey goodness from the 1980s.


Kenneth Kendall announces his fondness for Beavers. That is to say, an estate agent by the name of Beavers. Why, what did you think we'd meant?

Please note: BrokenTV claims no responsibility for what might happen if you dial 100 and ask for 'Beavers' in space year 2006.


An advertising campaign from the 1980s for a meat product that shares a name with an American slang term for gay men. If Richard Littlejohn is reading this, why not try rewatching the clip lots of times, trying to pin down any hidden secret homosexualist recruitment agenda?


If it's OUTRAGIOUS ATTACKS ON TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES you're after, you can't say fairer than a fledgling Channel Four. You can almost hear the distant gnashing of Mail-readers teeth from here, not to mention a nation of adolescent males making a mental note of the time and channel. A screening of A Question Of Love, a drama about "one woman's love for another woman" while raising a family, advertised on ITV before a screening the Cook/Moore Hound of the Baskervilles. The clip also features a snatch (steady) of the in-vision TVS continuity announcer.

More japes next time!

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