Test Yourself: Are You Excellent?

  • 8/17/2006 02:42:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Find out with BrokenTV's super quiz!

1) Been watching [adult swim] on Bravo?

a) "No. What's that, then?"

b) "Yes, now and then. Man, that Robot Chicken is something!"

c) "Yes, but I wish they hadn't had that technical fault throughout what seemed like one of the best, most gloriously silly episodes of animated comedy ever produced. Man, I wish I could see it in full without waiting an unspecified amount of time for a repeat, especially as Bravo's EPG only uses an all-encompassing programming listing of '[adult swim]' for the entire strand, so I might end up having to watch Stripperella by mistake".

How Did You Do?

Mostly a's
It's a mostly excellent two-hour nightly strand of the best bits from (US) Cartoon Network's strand of the same name. It is on from midnight to 2am on Bravo, on Sky Digital. In case you're not sure how much you're supposed to like each programme contained therein, keep a peeper on alert for BrokenTV's Premier League of Adult Swim shows, which we've just thought of doing.
0 Points.

Mostly b's
Good for you, although we're not too keen on the self-satisfied smugness and reliance on jokes appealing to the sort of people that go on internet message boards to say things like "LMFAO! That is totally RANDOM!" in a non-ironic fashion. Season two seems slightly better, mind.
1 Point.

Mostly c's
Yeah, we noticed that as well. Still, thanks to the MAJESTIC DISREGARD FOR INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT LAW that is YouTube, we can post a link that makes it all better. All of you 'a' and 'b' lot should check this out as well.

100 Points.


Over 99 points.
You are excellent, well done.

Under 2 points.
Watch the YouTube clip, watch [adult swim] for at least a week, then re-take the test.

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