BrokenTV's Top Nine Titles Of Foreign Versions Of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

  • 8/26/2006 11:42:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Yes, nine.

9. Be A Millionaire! (Hungary)
This reminds us of Tommy Vance's "stop being poor!" soundbite from The Chris Morris 1FM Show.

8. Do You Want To Be A Billionaire? (Romania)
Wow! Oh, it's in Romanian lei, and therefore a measly €28,000. Aw.

7. It's Good To Be A Millionaire (Slovenia)
Just in case you thought it might be rubbish, or something.

6. Who Wants 500 Billions? (Turkey)
Wow! Oh, in Turkish lira. How much? €230,000? Aw.

5. Who Will Become the Owner of 10 Million? (India)
More quiz programmes should use this sort of title. "Who Is Good Enough At Darts Or Answering Questions To Win A Half-Share Of A Speed Boat?" We've actually seen a bit of this while flicking around the back-end of Sky's EPG. They gave the presenter a big cake, for some reason.

4. Who Deserves To Be A Millonaire? (Chile)
How wonderfully polite. We're not sure if each contestant has to prove their moral fibre before getting anywhere near the fastest finger first round, but we think they should.

3. The Postal Code-Millionaire (Sweden)
Sounds like it might be a 1988 Channel Four documentary about the bloke who invented postcodes, and who gets 0.00001p every time you write one on an envelope. It isn't though, it's combined with Sweden's postal code lottery. Whatever that is.

2. Quiz $ Millionaire (Japan)
Only the fact that it isn't called 'Super Happy Millionaire Win Get!!!' stops this from claiming the top spot.

1. Super Rich Person (Taiwan)

Look, we know mentioning ...Millionaire is hardly topical, but we were researching a proper update, and stumbled across the list of titles. Okay?

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