An Article About 'Branding' That Doesn't Make Us Want To Kill

  • 1/26/2007 08:35:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

You see, the above is The Right Kind Of Promotion. And so is the excellent "Trumptonshire / Beating Up A Nonce" teaser trailer. Brilliant promotion, for one of the best programmes on television.
And while it might be the second and final series, Wikipedia has some seriously wonderful news, assuming it isn't just made up by wiki-japesters:

"In December 2006, it was reported that the BBC had commissioned a Life on Mars spin-off series, to be titled Ashes to Ashes after another David Bowie song of the same name. The Times reported that this spin-off would pick up the lives of Gene Hunt and other characters from the series in 1981."

All we'll need now is a proper 'The Hexagons' spin-off series from Look Around You, and we'll be in retro-heaven.
The Wrong Kind Of Promotion? Bloody Skins, obviously.

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