Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Liking Ricky Gervais Bell Curve

His new DVD is more of the same. The same boastful arrogance, garnished with a thin layer of "it's okay, I'm being ironic. Or am I? Yes, I am. Possibly". But how come every time one of his live shows is announced, thousands of drooling credit card holders clamour to pester Ticketmaster, and yet when he gets shoved in front of a massive audience at a live charity event (Concert For Diana, Live 8) he manages to die on his arse? Here's a normal distribution graph which displays what the British public think of him. And us, at the time of writing.

We've saved it as a .psd file, so we can re-use this joke for lots of other things in the future. We don't even care if we've got the concept of bell curves completely wrong, because we only actually studied A Level maths for one hour before quitting.


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