Nothing But The GREAT BIG HORRIBLE LIES, More Like

  • 11/05/2007 11:29:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Well, that might well be exaggerating a tadge (or a lot), but it seems a few of the contestants from Nothing But The Truth aren't too pleased with Ruggie Media's handling of the show. Your super soaraway BrokenTV can reveal that the following allegations have been made:

  • Despite specially filmed inserts being shown of contestants answering their questions backstage, all the polygraph Q&A sessions were made at Ruggie Media's HQ during applicants' original interviews, around a week before filming.

  • The more awkward questions were brought forward for contestants who weren't performing quite as entertainingly as the producers hoped, in order to get them off stage slightly more quickly.

  • Shots of contestants making their walk of shame after losing were retaken a number of times. Clearly it makes for a less enjoyable viewing experience if people who'd just lost in a game show don't walk off the stage in just the right manner.

Nothing quite as explosive as the whole ITV Play scandal, or indeed the story about Phillip Schofield murdering all those prostitutes that hasn't hit the papers yet*, but quite interesting nonetheless.

(*Because we just made it up, clearly. We can't stress that enough.)

A full account of one contestants experience with the show is here, and a forum thread featuring (at the time of clicking 'publish post') comments from two of the programme's participants lives here.

And just to reiterate: Phillip Schofield has never murdered anyone. Not as far as we know.

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