Worst Ad Campaign of the Week

  • 11/10/2007 06:29:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

"Fizzy Canadian Piss-water Light"

The one where the booming voice of Voiceover Man (y'know, from trailers and that) extols the virtues of "Fizzy Canadian Piss-water Light". Pull back to reveal the sound of Voiceover Man has been dubbed onto Generic 'Bloke' Character In Pub. 'Bloke 2' Character then chastises 'Bloke' Character for having the dubbed voice of Voiceover Man. Both are then astonished to see Generic Attractive Lager Advert Woman walking towards them, with (chuckle) the very same dubbed voice of Voiceover Man.

All very 'amusing' in an easily ignorable way. Except! The retort from 'Bloke 2' is also clearly dubbed, replacing the original North American accent with a standard English 'Bloke' accent, in the insultingly annoying way foreign companies often do. Because they can't be bothered spending a couple of grand on filming an actual British actor in an actual British studio, and yet they all expect us to rush out and drink gallons of their horrid Fizzy Canadian Piss-Water. Advertising types, eh?

Of course, they could have repaired all of this by simply replacing 'Bloke' reply to 'Bloke 2' of "wot?" (also dubbed into English Bloke-ese, natch) with an original Canuckaphone uttering of "And you can hardly talk, a-hole". But this is what happens when no-one consults us before launching a large television adverising campaign.

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