Daily Mail Hates Disabled People, Eats Self

  • 2/19/2009 11:11:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

You couldn't make it up!

"But the memo has exasperated senior staff. One insider told the Evening Standard:'This is political correctness gone mad.

'All the BBC's bigname presenters received this email from Peter Horrocks saying that whenever they refer to an on screen phone number or email address they should no longer say, 'You can see the number on the screen now', because it might offend blind people - and could even be illegal."

Yeah! Those flipping blind, coming over here, getting their own set of special indentations next to the buttons on lifts... what ARE they hiding? Send them all back to Blindonia, I say. They're laughing up their sleeves at us!

How will this register on the Shockometer?

Wow, the first ever sub-zero reading. A tabloid rag claiming that something is a scandal when it's actually a very positive move, meaning it's an anti-scandal. The Daily Express are going to have to pull something extra-magical out of their hatred bag to top this.

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